no contact check in


You can stay at Lake Fork without coming into contact with us.

If you want to come visit Lake Fork but want to have limited contact with people, let us know.  We will take the following steps below when handling your reservation.  You can call us for reservations at 903-765-2987 or book online by clicking the Book Now button below.

Take payment over the phone

Call us at 903-765-2987 to pay for your room over the phone.  This will speed up the check in process and keep you from having to go into the office.

Let us know your estimated arrival time

Let us know when you plan to arrive so we can have your room ready for you.  Check in time is 3pm but we can let you know if your room  is ready earlier for check in.  Call 903-765-2987 or email to let us know your ETA.  *Please know that only 1 person works in the store at a time and is unable to leave to open a room.  We will need advance notice to get someone who can open a room.

We'll leave your room open and ready for you

We will leave your room location unlocked with the key inside with your receipt to avoid checking in at the office.  When you skip the check in process, you are agreeing to all of our rental policies.  Click below to learn more about our rental policies.  

Our housekeeping staff uses disinfectant cleaner

Our housekeeping staff does use disinfectant cleaners, changes the linens, and cleans the floors between each visitor.  While this doesn't guarantee a complete contaminant free zone, we do take pride in keeping things clean.  

We can limit services

We will provide a bag for wet linen needing to be switched out for you to hang from your door knob.  Housekeeping will swap with clean linens.  This will limit outsiders from coming into your space.  

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Call to let us know you're checking out

Leave your keys in your room and give us a call at 903-765-2987, or email at to let us know you have checked out.  Check out is at 11am however you can use the facilities including boat ramp for the entire day.  .  

Order tackle over the phone

Need any items to help catch Lake Fork's big bass?  Call us on the phone and request your items.  We can take payment over the phone and have your items ready for pick up to limit your contact and time in the store.  

RV Spots

We can handle RV spot check in the same way as motel room check in.  Call us at 903-765-2987 to pay for your spot over the phone and find out which spot number you are staying in.  

We're here to help

We want everyone to be able to fish Lake Fork while keeping our staff and customers safe.  Please be respectful of the social distancing guidelines while in our store, use our restroom to wash hands if needed, and stay home if not feeling well.